Custom cards and invitations

I love to draw and have been making birthday invitations, Valentine’s Day cards, and holiday cards for several years. Now you can order your own cards or invitations featuring a portrait or other image uniquely created for you in my quirky, cartoony style!

All of my images are hand-drawn and colored with markers and colored pencil. In addition to a print-quality digital file you also receive the original drawing, which can be framed and displayed!

Please be aware that I am not willing to draw images that infringe on copyright, such as Pokemon, Paw Patrol, or My Little Pony.

How it works

  • Decide what kind of card you’d like (2”x3”, 4”x6”, or greeting card), what you’d like me to draw, which colors you’d like for the card itself, and what you’d like the card to say, and send me a message! If you’re ordering a portrait you’ll also be asked to include reference photos.
  •  I’ll draw and email you a sketch. If you’re happy with it, I’ll send you an invoice and once payment is received I’ll get to work finishing your project!
  • When the card is finished, I’ll send you the file for approval. If no changes are required, I’ll email you the printable file, instructions for printing (if required), and a lower-resolution image suitable for sharing on social media. The original drawing can be mailed to you or, if you’re local to Prince George, picked up.
  • Enjoy your special and completely unique cards!

What you receive

  • A digital file for printing at a resolution of 300dpi
  • Instructions on how to print your cards, if required
  • A digital file for sharing online at a resolution of 75dpi
  • The original illustration, mailed or picked up

I do not currently offer printing services, although this may change in the future. Please let me know if this is something you’d be interested in!


My current work time is at least two weeks, but no more than a month, from initial contact to finished project. If I have the time I may be able to put a rush on an order for a fee.

When deciding when to place your order, don’t forget to factor in the time to get your cards printed! If you’re using a local photo centre such as Costco to print the images they usually offer next-day service, but if you’re using an online printer such as VistaPrint for greeting cards it usually takes a week or more to receive your order.


The 2”x4” Valentine’s Day-style cards start at $40 and 4”x6” cards start at $50, for a single subject with a solid color background. Please send me a message with your card and illustration idea and I can provide you with an exact quote!


Online privacy is important to me, and I’ll make sure to respect yours as well! I do reserve the right to post in-progress and finished images online, but I will censor all personal information such as names and addresses.

I will never post reference photos online unless I have asked for and received permission to do so, and I delete all reference images from my computer and email once the project is complete.

I am currently open for commissions!

Please make sure to review my terms of service, then send me an email to get started!