The Many Faces of Cat

The Many Faces of Cat – 2022

In January 2022 I had the opportunity to display some art at a local business in Penticton. I tend to work on the smaller side, so I knew I would have to put a collection together to really make the most of the space. I asked my friends and Facebook followers to share photos of their cats so that I could paint them, and “The Many Faces of Cat” is the result!

Cats have always fascinated me. They have a reputation for being uncaring and aloof, even cruel, but I believe they’re just very confident and secure in their own company. To me, there’s nothing in the world like the moment when a cat decides it can trust you, and that you’re good people to hang out with.

Just like people, cats are all individuals with their own quirks, personalities, and unique physical traits. Painting a portrait allows me to have a good long look at an individual cat and try to see what makes them, them.  I hope that The Many Faces of Cat helps you to feel a connection to these twelve cats who would otherwise be strangers.

Each painting is acrylic paint on a 6 x 6″ wood panel.

Series 1

The full first series on display at the Leir House on the hallway gallery wall. It was tricky getting a photo because of the narrow space!

Series 2