I love reading, making, learning about, and teaching other people about comics! When I was a kid I would read my favourites over and over, and I swear that “The Cartoon History of the Universe” got me through Social Studies 11…

Anyway! These are some of the comics that I’ve made since 2020, which is when I began to create them more consistently. As we begin 2024, I’m planning on finally making some longer comics projects. I’ve been dreaming making comics and graphic novels for my entire life, and it’s about time I stop putting it off!

In 2020 I had the opportunity to work with the Penticton Arts Council to make an online workshop called “A Beginner’s Guide to Making Comics,” which is still available to download for free on their website. Geared towards absolute comics beginners, it contains a little comic about comics and what they are, printable resources, and some example bits and pieces.

Selected Daily Comics

I drew a diary comic every day from May 19, 2022 until January 10, 2024. These are some of my favourites!

Let’s Learn About California Quails!

A two-page educational comic about California quails.

Let’s Learn About Sockeye Salmon!

An educational two-page comic about sockeye salmon.

Let’s Learn About Ospreys!

An educational two-page comic about ospreys.

Short Comics

Some short comics, mostly about animals.

Hourly Comics – 2021

The comics I made for Hourly Comic Day 2021. Hourly Comic Day is an annual challenge on February 1 where you draw a comic for every hour of the day that you’re awake!

Hourly Comics – 2020

The comics I made for Hourly Comic Day 2020.

Hourly Comics – 2018

The comics I made for Hourly Comic Day 2018.